Are You New to SHS?

Welcome to Stratford High School! The Stratford High School Parent Teacher Student Association is here to make your transition to SHS as smooth as possible. We hope to do this by providing you with helpful information about our school and our Stratford community.

The information here is provided to help answer questions you may have about SHS and the PTSA. You can download a PDF version of our Newcomers Resource Guide by clicking here:

PTSA Newcomers Resource Guide

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact PTSA President Kim Selzman at [email protected].

Helpful Websites

SBISD website:

Stratford High School website:

Stratford High School PTSA website:

Skyward (Family Access)

Skyward (Family Access) is SBISD’s password-protected site that provides both parents and students access to course grades, homework, attendance, and other data. You can gain access to Skyward by visiting the SHS Main Office. Your child will have his/her own separate access to Skyward. Skyward is available for your desktop computer and as an app for your Apple or Android device. The link to Skyward can be found at the “Family Access” link on the home page of the SHS website or at: Parent/Guardian/Student Handbook

The SBISD Parent/Guardian/Student Handbook and Code of Conduct is available electronically in English and Spanish at:

SHS Handbook Addendum

Stratford High School has an addendum to the SBSID Handbook. This addendum sets out important information

  • Absence policy
  • Academic Honesty policy
  • All Bell Schedules
  • Dress Code
  • Electronic Devices policy
  • Exam Exemption policy
  • Make-Up Work policy
  • Re-test Policy
  • Tardy Sweep

You can download a copy of the addendum by clicking on the link on the home page of the SHS website:

SHS Student Planners

Every SHS student is provided with a student planner, free of charge, at the beginning of the school year. This planner not only gives important dates and the A/B schedule, it also includes administrative information such as:

  • All bell schedules
  • How to report an absence
  • How to obtain schedule change, proof of enrollment, meeting with principal or counselor
  • Policy on absences and make-up work
  • Policy on electronic devices
  • Dress code
  • Policy on academic dishonesty
  • Policy on exam exemptions

Join the Stratford High School PTSA

The mission of the Stratford High School PTSA is to support the entire student body and staff of SHS. Through our financial contributions and volunteer efforts, we provide items and experiences that enhance the educational experience of all SHS students and help them to succeed. Please help us accomplish our mission by joining the PTSA and by volunteering to support our students. You can do this by clicking here.

The Spartan Scoop

Every Monday, the Spartan Scoop is published with a week’s worth of Spartan information. To make sure you receive the Spartan Scoop and Spartan eBlasts, look for the “Subscribe to Spartan Scoop” button in the sidebar. Do you have articles to submit for publication on our website? Look for the “Submit to Spartan Scoop” tab on the menu bar above.

Class Leaders/Coordinators

Each class at SHS has its own Grade Level Principal and Grade Level Counselor. Contact information for these administrators can be found on the SHS website at:

Each class also has two parents who serve as Peer Group Coordinators who help ensure that parents receive the information necessary for their child’s grade level. Contact information for the Peer Group Coordinators can be found on the PTSA website at:

Register to Volunteer

All volunteers must register with SBISD and gain approval before starting volunteer service in any SBISD school. This must be done each year. If you were approved to volunteer during the 2015-2016 school year, your status is only valid until October 1, 2016. After that point, all returning volunteers need to be re-registered and approved for the 2016-2017 school year. Just click here for the volunteer application:

English Version / Spanish Version

If you have questions about the volunteer approval process, you can contact Abby Walker, SBISD Coordinator for Strategic Partnerships and Volunteer Programs, at 713-464-1511 or [email protected].

The PTSA “Big Form”

At the beginning of each school year, the PTSA combines all back to school forms into a “Big Form.” This form is available on the PTSA website under the “Big Form” tab in the menu bar above. This form allows you to join the PTSA, provide your contact information for the SHS Directory, order copies of the Directory, and donate to our Scholarship and Teacher Appreciation funds. Click here to fill out the 2018-19 Big Form.

Link Crew

Link Crew is a high school transition program to welcome Freshmen to Stratford and make them feel comfortable throughout the first year of high school. Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, Link Crew is led be Juniors and Seniors. Link Crew leaders help guide Freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful throughout high school. Link Crew begins with a powerful orientation day that makes Freshmen excited and proud to be attending Stratford and allows them to begin developing relationships and strategies that will contribute to their high school success. Link Crew meets in small groups and Link Crew leaders continue to be available for Freshmen throughout the school year.

*Check back soon for information on the Link Crew meeting.

Newcomers Coffee

While Freshmen students are attending Link Crew, their parents and guardians are invited to attend the Newcomers Coffee hosted by the PTSA. The Newcomers’ Coffee is an opportunity to meet the SHS Building Principal, the 9th Grade Principal, the PTSA President and other helpful members of the Stratford community. Various SHS organizations will also be there selling merchandise.

*Check back soon for the date and time of the newcomer’s coffee. Merchandise sales will begin at 8:00 a.m. Parents may drop their students off for Link Crew and then come up to the Library for the Newcomers Coffee.

Spartan Rush

Spartan Rush takes place during the week before the school year starts. This is an opportunity for students to prepare for the upcoming school year and save valuable class time by completing many necessary administrative tasks in advance. During Spartan Rush, students will be able to:

  • Obtain their unofficial class schedule
  • Ensure that they are included in the SHS Directory
  • Clear any pre-existing fines or fees
  • Report schedule conflicts to counselors
  • Pick up their textbooks
  • Obtain parking permits (Juniors and Seniors only)

In order for students to participate in Spartan Rush, they must pay all fines and fees in full and complete a Clinic Emergency form, the Student Directory update form, and the PTSA Big Form. All forms are available on-line on the Stratford High School website and on the Stratford PTSA website:

Click for SHS website:
Click for PTSA website:

Spartan Rush takes place in the SHS Cafeteria/Snack Bar. Only students need to attend Spartan Rush. Entry is from the parking lot on the south side of the school. The Spartan Rush schedule is organized by grade level and last name. The schedule is:

Tuesday  8/7                                                           Wednesday  8/8

AM – 12th Grade RUSH                              8:00-12:00 Freshman Orientation/RUSH         

8:00 – 10:00      A – M

10:00 – 12:00    N – Z


PM – 11th Grade RUSH                                           PM – 10th Grade RUSH   

1:00 – 2:30        A – M                                             1:00 – 2:30        A – M

2:30 – 4:00        N – Z                                              2:30 – 4:00        N – Z


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