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When district and state funding cuts mean less money for technology, books, and equipment in our classrooms or events that further the education of our students, Sparta Fund fills in the gaps. The mission of the Sparta Fund is to advance the mission and purposes of the National PTA, the Texas PTA, and the Stratford High School PTSA; and to enhance excellence in the education, health and welfare of the students of Stratford High School.

What we fund:

Funding requests are evaluated based upon the cost and contribution to Stratford PTSA’s mission to enhance excellence in the education, health and welfare for the students of Stratford High School.

Sparta Fund applications must request funding for items that are appropriate for purchase by the PTSA, which generally includes instructional and education materials, technology and equipment, campus beautification supplies and materials, and support for SHS organizations. Examples of items the Sparta Fund has previously approved include: computers, lab equipment, classroom book sets, conference registration fees, travel expenses, cameras, video equipment, calculators, markers, batteries, door mats, competition expenses, exercise equipment, and awards.

Please note that the PTSA cannot fund the following:

  • Taxes of any kind
  • Teacher payroll
  • Association fees for other organizations
  • Expenses associated with renting a school building

Who can apply:

The Sparta Fund encourages applications from any segment of the SHS community. All applications are submitted electronically. Only applications made by a PTSA member (teacher, club leader, administrator, staff member, student, parent), in good standing, will be considered.

When to apply:

Applications submitted at least two days prior to the Sparta Fund Committee meeting will be reviewed and considered by the committee. Decisions for timely submitted applications will be made during the meetings scheduled on the following dates:


Committee Meeting Dates Application Deadlines
October 15, 2018 October 12, 2018
December 10, 2018 December 7, 2018
January 28, 2019 January 25, 2019
March 25, 2019 **March 22, 2019

 PLEASE NOTE: Emergency requests may be considered outside of the following meeting dates. In the event you have a request which requires funding prior to the date of the next scheduled Sparta Fund Committee meeting, please complete the online submission process and then send an email to the Committee Chair, Kristin Hopper ([email protected]) and inform her of the urgency of the request.

**All requests for the year must be submitted by the March 22nd deadline.  Purchases for the district are closed in April and the PTSA books are closed soon thereafter.  If you have a request after March 22nd, follow the procedures for making an emergency request (see above); however, there is no guarantee that emergency requests will be considered after the March 22nd deadline.

How to apply:

All applications for Sparta Fund support must be submitted electronically and include the requested supporting documentation. Click on the link below to get started.

Committee Members:

Chair: Kristin Hopper


Meka Arend
Katherine Dawson
Amy Harrington
Darlene Parizot (Faculty)
Zamar Salas (Student)
Alison White


Frequently Asked Questions

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